With the Community Matters Scheme we help local charities every month.

Plastic Bag Fund Donations 2017-18

The Falkland Islands Company along with other local retailers signed up to an introduction of a 5p charge on plastic carrier bags in 2016.

We are pleased to share that during the first year across The FIC a vast reduction in the usage of plastic bags amounting to some 70% was experienced, the total amount collected from the 5p charge in this time was £4,000.00.

The company advertised inviting local charities and good causes to apply for a share of these funds, we are delighted to announce the awards as follows:

•    Falklands Archery – £550.00

•    Falklands Gun Club – £550.00

•    Stanley Darts Club – £900.00

•    Falkland Islands Cricket Association – £1,000.00

•    1st Falkland Islands Girl Guides – £1,000.00

The cheques were presented to the various charities by FIC staff from different departments.

“The Girl Guides meet weekly during term time to provide programmed activities for girls aged 5-16 years. Our programme runs alongside the UK Girlguiding curriculum for which there has been a massive overhaul in the last couple of months, to enable our girls to get the most up to date programming available we have recently bought over £2,000 worth of new resources and badges for the girls to work towards. There are more resources to purchase in light of the new programming material. The funding will go towards being able to purchase these.”

– Terri Biggs, 1st Falkland Islands Girl Guides.

The Stanley Darts Club received a cheque for £900 from last year’s plastic carrier bag funds to support an FIC Darts Competition.

This allows the club to hold this event with the funds being used for prize money and awards. We look forward to attending the event!



The Falkland Islands Cricket Association (FICA) received a cheque for £1,000 from the FIC Carrier Bag Fund to repair the cricket training nets – allowing the team to practise in the right environment in the hopes of competing in overseas games.

We look forward to catching up with them in the coming months to see the finished area!



The Archery Club received £550 and will use the funds for both developing their outdoor range and their indoor shooting competitions – they would love to run a year long handicap competition to encourage new and beginner members to join in and compete on a fairer level with the more experienced archers.




The Gun Club received £550 and will use the money to expand the current air range from 2 lanes to 6, as the number of the air pistol shooters has increased to 10 people. The club is also looking into opening the air range to the youth if there was more space and a better facility for the youth to come and try shooting.