Customer Service Assistant (Home Builder)

Crozier Place – Home Builder

This role is essential for us providing excellent service to customers of our premier building and DIY store, stocking a massive range of tools, paints, equipment, fencing and building materials to suit every project from very large to very small.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Possess excellent customer service
  • Open and/or close the store independently on various days of the week
  • Be able to use a computerised till system
  • Mix paint, and provide other services as needed
  • Adhere strictly to health and safety guidelines
  • Assist with incoming and outgoing goods’ deliveries
  • Provide customer service in store to include loading merchandise in customer vehicle (must be able to lift 50 pounds) and setting up deliveries for customer purchases
  • Answer incoming phone calls and email inquiries to help customer and/or direct communication to another employee or department


  • Prior work experience in hardware store or similar work in retail.
  • Prior work and/or cooperation with a multi-cultural environment.
  • The ability to read, write and speak English clearly.
  • The ability to speak another foreign language such as Spanish is preferred.
  • Qualifications or proven experience in using forklifts and other equipment for heavy lifting.
  • Knowledge of tools, hardware, paint, garden, lumber, etc is preferred.
  • Knowledge of MS Office.

Working conditions

This position usually works 45 hours per week over 6 days. Employees are required to be flexible to cover leave, illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

Physical requirements

Required to stand for long periods of time. Lifting, moving and stacking boxes. Working in hot and cold environments. Ability to climb stairs, lift up to 50 lbs, and move heavier objects, ability to drive and use forklifts and other equipment for heavy lifting

Additional information and/or requirements: The vacancy is open to all applicants; preference is given to permanent residents of the Falkland Islands.

Foreign applicants or current Falkland Islands work permit holders:

If FIC agrees to sponsor (or transfer sponsorship) an employee, they must submit upon request the following:

  • A medical and dental fitness clearance from the country of residence
  • A police clearance and/or court clearance from the country of residence
  • Any other documents which may be needed to ensure person’s right to work in the Falkland Islands

Application instructions: Send your CV to, with “VHR0099 Customer Services Assistant / Home Builder” in the subject-line, latest by 26th of February 2021 at 16:30 local time.