The West Store Mount Pleasant

Serving HM Forces and Camp customers from surrounding areas, The West Store Mount Pleasant offers an incredible range of products, including groceries, souvenirs, electronics, home decor, and lots more from all our Stanley stores.

Moreover, customers can also special order any item from our departments, such as FIC Electrical Store, Home Builder, Home Living, and The Capstan Gift Shop.

The West Store Mount Pleasant is also home to one of our in-store cafés.

Key Person

Lourine Gabradilla

Store Supervisor

To view contact details for the department manager, click on their name on the picture above.

Opening Hours

Monday 8am to 4pm
Tuesday 8am to 4pm
Wednesday 8am to 4pm
Thursday 8am to 4pm
Friday 8am to 4pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm
Sunday Closed

All hours are Falkland Islands Standard Time (UTC-3).

Please note that these hours may change unexpectedly.

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