74 Days to Victory Tour

You will begin your tour by meeting our expert guides, and then board a mini-bus/coach at the pier, for a leisurely drive to Fitzroy Farm Settlement, and your guide will tell you all the history prior to the 1982 conflict, way of life in the Falklands, the conflict itself, and the aftermath. Your guide will also be pointing out the famous battle mountains, and detailing why they are so significant.

On the way there, you will notice farmland and see sheep, cattle, and horses grazing. On the left hand side of the gravel road are the Falkland Islands Government Pony Pass quarry, wind farm and the modern abattoir with its yellow roof. A random collection of boots on the left hand side of the road known as Boot Hill, which started with one lonely old boot on a stick, and then has somewhat grown over the years by other contributors! Minefields are on both sides of the road, framed by the curious rock formations known as Stone Runs or Rivers of Stone.

Upon arrival at Fitzroy, you will find plenty of farm activity. The summer period in the Falkland Islands is a very busy time for local farmers. Fitzroy farm produce prime lamb and wool for export. Delicious potatoes are also grown for local market.

The tour takes you to visit the memorials of the British ships Sir Galahad, and Sir Tristram (which both were bombed by Argentine aircraft) and then the Welsh Guards memorial to those who lost their lives in the bombing. Following this visit, there will be a stop in Fitzroy Settlement for smoko (tea and biscuits). After the short break, the tour will conclude, and you will then head back to Stanley.