Bertha’s Beach and Flatlands Wildlife Excursion

Travel to Berthas Beach, a scenic sand beach nestled in the beautiful coast line of the Falkland Islands, where Ocean and Wetland wildlife live, and thrive, in harmony.

Guests will travel in 4×4 vehicles on the Islands main road network, winding through the rugged Falklands Landscape, taking in our unique geological stone runs, catalogued by Charles Darwin himself. After approximately 1hour the guests will embark on a 30 minute off-road adventure through flatlands before arriving at the spectacular Berthas Beach, only recently opened to Cruise Vessel visitors.

Through the flatlands some of the Islands most elusive waterfowl, such as the graceful Black neck Swan, can be seen as well as the Chiloe Wigeon, Silver Teal, Speckled Teal & Silvery Grebe.

Berthas Beach itself is home to an 800 strong Gentoo colony.

Over 80 different flowing plants have been recorded at Berthas beach, five of which are endemic to the Falkland Islands. Some of the flowering plants that can be found there are the Dog Orchid, Yellow Violet, Falkland Lavender & the National flower itself, the Pale Maiden.

Guests will have approximately one hour at the beach to enjoy the wildlife, scenery and a pack lunch before returning to Stanley.