City Highlights and Museum Tour

Explore the peaceful and charming city of Stanley in comfort during this two hour sightseeing tour.

First, leaving the city and heading for the wreck of the Lady Elizabeth you will drive through what once was farmland and is now a colourful housing estate for private owners.

Passing the recently developed Oil Yards there will be a short stop at the local marina where old wooden barques from the early settlement years can still be seen.

Moving on, the Lady Elizabeth will appear to your left, with the backdrop of the mountain battlefields from the 1982 conflict. Guests will have the opportunity to disembark the coach for a short time to take in the beautiful scenery.

A short drive from the Lady Liz guests will see the domestic airport FIGAS, home to three nine seater Islander aircraft that supply the outer Islands with freight and transport services.

Down the hill from FIGAS the wide open shore of Surf Bay will come in to view, where guests will learn about the ongoing minefield clearance project and annual mid-winter swim.

Guests will be challenged to find their home town on the famous local Totem Pole which visitors have been adding pointers to for more than thirty years.

Continuing along the Islands main road network, passing the peat banks and Learning about peat cutting and its value to families in the early settlement years guests will then turn back into town and on to see the Islands largest privately owned Whale bone collection.

From there the group will make their way past the city’s power station, senior school, hospital and sheltered housing to view the gardens at Government House, the residence of His Excellency the Governor, representative of her Majesty the Queen in the Islands.

Visiting the 1982 war memorial on the way the tour will then end at the Historic Dockyard Museum. They will then have the choice of staying at the museum for as long as they wish and walking the short distance to the tender embarkation platform or returning on the coach after a 30-minute visit.