City Walking / Stanley on Foot

The colourful seaside town of Stanley on the windswept tip of East Falkland Island is steeped in natural and military history.

The guided walking tour that takes you to see the highlights of this ruggedly beautiful corner of the world.

Your excursion begins at the Jetty Visitors Centre in town where you will be greeted by a friendly guide who will lead you during your exploration. As you make your way to the centre of town, you’ll encounter reminders of the city’s heritage as a British outpost, such as red phone boxes and several distinctly English pubs!

Your guide will narrate your journey, pointing out areas of interest such as the 19th century Christ Church Cathedral, the most southerly Anglican cathedral in the world. See the mizzen mast of the SS Great Britain on Victory Green, the 1982 Battle Memorial, and Government House with its beautiful gardens, and the 1914 memorial.

You’ll walk past the Liberation Monument, a tribute to the 255 British Troops who gave their lives during the 1982 conflict. As you take in its solemn beauty, your guide will explain why Britain and Argentina went to war to settle a longstanding dispute over ownership of these remote islands.

As you continue west along the water’s edge, you will come upon the rambling yet elegant Government House. Built in the 1840’s it was 1859 before the first Governor took up residence here.

Past the Government House is the 1914 War Memorial which commemorates the Battle of the Falklands fought between the British and German fleets on December 8th 1914. Learn about the annual parade in remembrance of this battle.

Cap off your walking tour with a visit to The Historic Dockyard & Museum. This brand new complex offers.