Darwin Cemetery Tour

As you depart Stanley to the Argentine cemetery, you will pass shops, cafes, souvenir shops, the Cathedral church, the Whalebone Arch – made from the jawbones of 2 blue whales as well as the Upland Goose Hotel – now modernised and converted to apartments. Past the local police station and bank, then onto St. Mary’s Catholic Church and the post office.

Further along the road we will pass the Malvina House Hotel and the entrance to the Museum at the Historic Dockyard and moving onto the Liberation memorial – a moment to commemorate the British soldiers who died in 1982.

We then move onto the hospital on the left and to the right we will see the football field with Government House in the distance. We will also pass the secondary school, the Power Station and Water Filtration plant and finally the satellite for the telecoms company.

During the journey to Darwin, your guide will explain about life in the islands.

The landscape is typical of the Falklands and is known as ‘Camp’ – we will see the mountains and terrain where the battles were fought in 1982.

We will also pass the military base – Mount Pleasant Airport and then continue our journey to Goose Green farm where we will rest for 15 minutes while guests use the public conveniences.

From Goose Green we will visit the argentine cemetery at Darwin where you will have the opportunity to pay your respects to those who died in 1982. We will be there for approximately 30-45 minutes depending on climate.

The return journey is on the same road where guests will have time to reflect on what has been seen or to rest or ask questions of the guide who is at your disposal.