Majestic Penguins of Volunteer Point

It is an enormous privilege for even the most experienced and jaded traveller, and is not to be passed up. In addition to King Penguins, there are also Gentoo Penguins and Magellan Penguins at this location.

Volunteer Point is approximately 50 miles from Stanley, and it takes over two hours of driving to reach the area. Most of the route is on a newly-built gravel road, while the final quarter of the journey is an adventure in itself, as it is over a grassy track in a 4WD vehicle. The gravel road ends at the sheep farm of Johnson Harbour, where the real adventure begins. The route takes in a variety of challenges that fully test the skill of the off-road driver. Small streams, bridges, ditches and peat bogs are encountered along the way. Don’t be put off by the description of the drive as when you do arrive, the rewards are outstanding with the King Penguin colony situated between a beautiful, long, white sand beach and a saltwater lagoon.

There are wonderful photographic opportunities as the outgoing and friendly King Penguins elegantly pose, dressed to kill in their superb colouring of white, gold, yellow and black feathering. Within a quarter-of-a-mile radius, the ground-nesting Gentoo and burrowing Magellanic Penguins can be seen.

Again, there are superb photo opportunities as the penguins dive and swim with amazing agility. A two-hour stay at the location provides time to see the penguins and enjoy a snack before setting off for the return journey to Stanley.