Infrastructure Works at Murray Heights Park

After several years of a poor road and footpath infrastructure within the Murray Heights Park, the Falkland Islands Government have awarded The Falkland Islands Company the contract to carry out improvement works.

Notice is hereby given that The Falkland Islands Company will commence infrastructure works within the area of Murray Heights Park starting on Tuesday 10th August 2021. Works will be undertaken in the following phases:

  • Installation of new kerbs
  • Installation of a footpath
  • Installation of drain pipes and excavation of ditches for stormwater disposal
  • Demolish of existing boundary fence and replacement

Hours of construction works will be as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 7am to 6pm
  • Saturday: 7am to 1pm

Phase 1: Strawberry Street; this street will be closed to all vehicle traffic from 7am on Tuesday 10 August 2021 and will remain closed until infrastructure works have been completed. It is requested that all vehicles are parked as per the map below.

Phase 2: Diddledee Drive; commencement of works to be confirmed.

Phase 3: Mountain Berry Road; commencement of works to be confirmed.

Phase 4: Teaberry Way through to Stanley Bypass; commencement of works to be confirmed.

Completion of all works is anticipated for early 2022.

Please observe any safety notices and do not enter any areas of construction works. Please consider your safety whilst transiting through construction works.

All future phases will be communicated prior to commencement of works.

Please direct all correspondence, in the first instance, to email or phone 27600.

The Falkland Islands Company apologises, in advance, for any disruption caused during these works.

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