With over 160 years successfully operating in the Falkland Islands, we can provide you with the expertise and tools for your business.


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Retail & Wholesale

We offer groceries, clothing, electrical goods, home furnishings, toys, gifts, DIY building materials and more.

Oil Services

We are able to provide accommodation, food supply, storage facilities, transport and vehicles to oil industry partners.


Purpose-built homes, warehousing and offices; our construction division caters to all your construction needs.

Property & Sites

We have an unrivalled range of properties and sites in and around Stanley. Explore our properties and development.

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We celebrate Rochell’s 10th anniversary

We celebrate Rochell’s 10th anniversary

This week sees the tenth anniversary of Rochell Regalado joining FIC, he has worked in a number of departments including Retail and Accounts and is currently FBS Office Manager, attached picture sees Stephen Smith (left), FBS Construction Manager congratulating Rochell (right).

Director of Services receives Commendation

Director of Services receives Commendation

Stephen Dent, our Director of Services, acting as a Coroners Officer on contract to the Falkland Islands Government was presented yesterday with a plaque and letter of Commendation by the Ontario Police Department at Government House in Stanley.

Zimbabwean colleagues in Canadian documentary

Zimbabwean colleagues in Canadian documentary

We are proud to have worked with the local Zimbabwean community in the supply of accommodation, vehicles and food provisions.

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