With the Community Matters Scheme we help local charities every month.

Plastic Bag Charge 2017-18

The Falkland Islands Company along with other local retailers signed up to an introduction of a 5p charge on plastic carrier bags in 2016…

The charge for plastic carrier bags was introduced to help reduce their usage in the islands, working towards a better, healthier and cleaner environment.

This year we have sold 80,789 carrier bags, meaning we have collected £4,039 that is now available for good causes.

Local charities or good causes are invited to apply for a share of these funds. If you would like to apply, please send us an email at info@fic.co.fk, stating what the monies would be used for and whether you have been supported in the past by our Community Matters (green tokens) scheme at The West Store.

Applications must be sent via email before the 31st August 2018.