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FIC Supports Dementia Friends

The FIC will support dementia friends in Stanley by exposing around 10% of the total workforce to a dementia training course. These colleagues from customer-facing roles will then better understand how we can all better support those in our community who are living with dementia.

Course provider Lara commented:

The Falkland Islands Dementia Friends programme is part of the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. It aims to transform the way the World thinks, acts and talks about the condition. I am delighted that The Falkland Islands Company have engaged with this programme and that customer facing staff are benefitting from increased awareness of dementia allowing them to better support people living with dementia in the local community.”

FIC Managing Director Kevin Ironside, who also attended one of the courses, said “The FIC wants to support this very worthy cause by exposing a number of colleagues to this training and encouraging them all to become friends of dementia.”

Colleagues taking part in the course and becoming friends of dementia are given badges that they can wear that identifies them to customers.